Download TransHis, ICPC in the Transition Project (Windows) and ICPC-2 / ICD-10 thesaurus (Windows).

TransHis for Windows

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TransHis for Mac/iPad

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ICPC in the Transitie Project (Windows)

This package contains EFP (Episodes of care in Family Practice), EFP-Extended and the ICPC-2/ICD-10 Thesaurus.

ICPC-2 / ICD-10 thesaurus (Windows)

Top 100

The top 100 contains epidemiological data from the years 1995 – 2014, based on data recorded with ICPC in daily practice in the Transition Project.

The data can be used as a source for indicences and prevalences, and for prior probability and comorbidity calculations in the GP practice in education, NHG standards and research.

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