ICPC in the FaMe-net / Transition Project for Windows

This program was originally published on a CD as a companion to ICPC-2-R, by Oxford University Press (2005). This program may be copied for academic purposes, and be used for teaching and research under the usual referencing conditions. Any other and/or commercial use requires prior permission from the authors, represented by Dr. Kees van Boven. ICPC in the Transition Project can be downloaded in the download section. The installer contains three Windows executable programs created with Borland®Delphi, which can be opened only after installation on a hard disk:

  • EFP (Episodes of care in Family Practice): a retrieval program for the Amsterdam Transition Project’s data collected with ICPC (1985-2003), allowing standardized epidemiological retrievals: Top 20 (or 40, 60, etc) ranking lists of reasons for encounter (RFEs), diagnoses, and interventions, in their mutual relationships, by sex and age, etc.;
  • EFP-Extended (Episodes of care in Family Practice, Extended Version): a retrieval program for the Amsterdam Transition Project’s data with TransHis as an Electronic Patient Record 1995-2004. It offers (in addition to what was already available in EFP) detailed data on prescribed medication, and episode of care data in longer observation periods (4 and 10 years);
  • ICPC-2/ICD-10 Thesaurus: a diagnostic terminology in English and Dutch for semi-automatic double coding in Electronic Patient Records.

Also, the installer contains eight files with additional information (an ICPC Tutorial, Manuals for the programs, a Glossary, a Bibliography, and an electronic file of ICPC-2-R). These files are also available in the three programs under ‘Info’ in the main menu. All programs and files will be accessible in one program group (‘Transition Project’, to be found under Start -> All programs); three shortcuts for the programs will appear on your desktop. Note: in the program group ‘Transition Project’, an ‘Uninstall’ button allows easy uninstalling of all files.